Vacancy for Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (5 hours per week, flexible):  Lothersdale Parish Council seeks a highly motivated, enthusiastic person to prepare minutes and agendas, attend meetings (held on the second Thursday of every month except August), keep financial records and implement decisions taken by the Parish Council.  Excellent communication and IT skills are required, as is the ability to work alone and with others.  Application forms are available from or call for an informal chat on 01274-587834/0779 2966 242.  Closing date for applications is Thursday 5th April 2018.

Calf Wood Lane - North Yorkshire County Council have informed us that some drainage remedial works and tarmac repairs will begin on Monday 23rd October.  The work is expected to take a maximum of 2 days.  

Craven Community Champion Awards!

Nominations close on 29th October 2017 - for more details please visit 

Halloween and Guy Fawkes fireworks.

 A number of residents have commented on the increasing frequency and lateness in the evening of firework displays at these times.

Villagers are requested to consider their neighbours and local animals when planning their displays.

Lovely Lothersdale!

We all want the village to look its best but at times it needs a bit more attention - would you be interested in volunteering to undertake general gardening work and/or help with village clean ups?  If so, please contact our Clerk Debbie on or call 01274-587834/0779 2966 242.  Thank you!

Closure of Calf Wood Lane.

Concern has been expressed about the lack of mowing of the verges of the the detour roads. LPC has been having extensive discussions with North Yorkshire CC who consider the roads to be safe without being mowed. We have done what we can.



 A Clean Sweep !!

The mechanical sweeper will be once again visiting the village to clean the road of any debris but we could do more!
The wagon will be in the village on the 19th December at lunch time and will do its best to clean as much of the road as possible, but it does have to go around any parked cars blocking its way.
On the 21st January it will be in the village again, but this time we want to make an extra special effort to clean the paths and we need volunteers to do this. We would welcome your support by way of giving up a few hours to sweep the paths in the middle of the village and the wagon will do the rest. The meeting point will be at the pub car park at noon on the 21st Jan 2017.
Lets get the village spruced up for the start of another year. 

Clerk Required 

Lothersdale Parish Council are seeking a person to fill the role of Clerk who will be responsible for attending monthly meetings, taking minutes, preparing agendas, looking after the finances and keeping the web site up to date. Knowledge of local government would be an advantage but is not necessary as training can be provided. You would be working from home and IT equipment would be provided by the council. You would be paid for 5 hours per week at the relevant pay scale depending on experience. The closing date for applicants is the 2nd December. Please contact the clerk for an application pack or for further information. 

 Woodland management Team

Your Parish Council have helped to set up a group called "Lothersdale Recreational & Woodland Management Team" who will be seeking ideas to refurbish the area and make it an exciting place to visit. The team is being chaired by Cllr Eddie Cullen and to start the process they are holding a meeting in the village hall on the 25th June between 10am and 12pm. Bacon sandwiches will be served during the consultation event, so please come along and put your ideas forward.  The team will be putting a funding application together and submitting it to the Woodland Trust with the hope of being granted £10,000. The money will help to shape your ideas and create a woodland area that will interesting, exciting and a place to be proud of.

Have you experienced any flooding issues? 

North Yorkshire County Council have received Government funding to support those people who have been affected by recent flooding. Funding and advice can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council web site by following this link about FLOODING .  The Government (DCLG) are collecting data about properties that have been flooded so that they have a better understanding of the scale of the problem. You can send this information by email to or by phoning 01609 532246.

P Council Laptop FOR SALE (Now sent to a charity)

Due to recent computer upgrades the Parish Council now have for sale their laptop/notebook. It is made by ASUS, comes with Windows 8 and is in full working order with instructions. It measures 30cm x 20cm x 2cm.
Offers can be submitted to the clerk and the best offer will be notified on the 12th February 2016. GOOD LUCK!


 Defibrillator kit for the village

 The Parish Council have been successful in a  bid for a defibrillator kit for the village, which has been supplied free of charge whilst the Parish Council covers the minimal ongoing maintenance costs. Although it is hoped that the kit will never be needed it gives some reassurance that in the event of an emergency that such a device is nearby. The kit is locked away in a climate controlled steel box and the code to access it is provided by the ambulance service after dialing 999. Thanks also go to the Village Hall Group for allowing the box to be placed on their building. A picture of the kit can be seen on the Gallery page.

Grants available for community groups from CDC

Funding grants are now available from CDC for a limited period. 
If you are aware of a community project that you think might be able to apply for funding and want further information about the scheme please visit the community grant page of our website or contact or Kate Senior  01756 706 414.

Craven Community Champions Awards 2015

Chris Cowgill, a Lothersdale resident and local contractor has narrowly missed out on securing an award under the heading of "Greener Craven" as part of the Craven Community Champions Awards.
Details of the all the awards for 2015 can be found HERE

The next scheduled road sweep through the village

The next mechanical sweep of the village main road will take place from 1pm on October the 29th as long as the weather is permitting. Could we remind all residents to park there cars off the main road where possible so that the vehicle can do its job. This is once again being paid for by the Parish Council ensuring that money raised locally is spent locally on your behalf.

Further improvements to the play area

Work has now started on the next phase of making improvements to the area in the park where trees have been removed. (check out the Gallery section for picture updates) The trees were felled to allow more light in to the area and for health and safety reasons. This next phase will see the stumps ground out and some will be dug out completely. Once this is done the area will be landscaped and seeded to so that there is a nice new grassed area for children to play on. Wild flower seeds will also be scattered in certain areas to bring some colour back to the area. During this work we hope that parents and children will be aware that it may be unsafe to play where machinery is operating. Once the seeding has been done it will be fenced off so that the grass seed has chance to get established. All of this work is another £2,450 worth of investment in to your village, so we hope you enjoy the results in summer.

Flooding on the playing field

In the Gallery section you can see evidence of recent flooding that has affected the football pitch and the MUGA. This is being investigated by the clerk on behalf of the Parish Council. Ground work engineers have taken an initial look at the problem as well as NYCC highways and drainage department and CDC Environmental Health Department.  Once a solution is found the parish council will be able to respond to the situation. In the mean time we hope that residents and children will bare with us and avoid the drainage hole by the MUGA, which is currently taped off for safety reasons.

Additional road sweeping for the village

An amount of money has been set aside to have a contractor sweep the roads and verges over the next 12 months. The £800 will allow the work to be done at key times throughout the year and keep the village looking tidy. The first run through the village saw a huge amount of rubbish being lifted and taken away, so this proves that it was worth doing. Co operation with local residents by not parking their cars on the street whilst this is taking place is greatly appreciated and leaflets will be distributed ahead of the work commencing. It is in everyones interest not to drop litter and help to keep the village looking at its best. Keep a look out for the road sweeper and a picture of it can be seen in the Gallery section.

New trees for the recreational area .

The parish council was successful in its bid for 105 new trees, which have been provided free of charge by the Woodland Trust, so a BIG thank you to them. Volunteers came forward, including parish Councillors, children and the clerk, to plant the trees and put protective bands around them. In years to come this will create a new hedge and hopefully attract new wildlife in to the area for everyone to enjoy. You can see pictures of the trees being planted in the Gallery section. The parish council has agreed to prepare a 5 year plan for the management of the woodland walk, so it is hoped that many more trees will be planted in the future. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see taking place in the wood or the play areas then please get in touch.

Council sets budget for 2015/16 

The Parish Council has set a budget, taking in to consideration the need for further improvements, some of which have been requested by local residents. Additional winter grit will be made available when required and the village main road is to be cleaned by a mechanical road sweeper. Projects continue to be worked on to enhance the access to the woodland walk and to make it safe. A full breakdown of the budget can be seen by clicking on the minutes for January 2015. Members of the public can attend any of the Parish Council meetings and put forward their ideas of what they would like to see happening around the village.

Improvements to the village. Follow the story! 

The Craven Herald have given a full report on progress that the Parish Council has made to improve the woodland walk and the children's play area, with more to follow. Check out the CRAVEN HERALD  story and let us know what you think by coming to a parish meeting. Your ideas are most welcome.

 Results of village survey on where the Parish Council should hold its meetings.

You have spoken!!! It has now been decided that future meetings will be held back in the Club House and the first one will be on the 15th January 2015 and we would love to see you there. Many thanks to the Village Hall committee for their hospitality over the last few years. Larger public meetings will revert back to the village hall if this is felt necessary. A big thank you to all those who took the trouble to respond to the survey.


Lothersdale Parish Council wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and looks forward to greeting you to its meetings in 2015. 

Meeting venue survey

The Craven Herald are also following this issue and you can see their report here  Craven Herald 

Many thanks to everyone that has taken part in the survey to consider which is the best meeting venue for the Parish Council, between the Clubhouse or the Village Hall. Voting has now closed and the results will be presented at the next Parish Council meeting on the 11th December. Thank You.

Police operation HAWK gets underway 

Operation Hawk is a new police initiative designed to help protect the more vulnerable rural communities such as yours and sends a strong message out to traveling criminals. The police and the Lothersdale community are watching out for you! With the dark nights now here and Christmas fast approaching we all need to take extra care and be vigilant and make sure that you and your neighbours keep valuables locked away.

For more information from North Yorkshire Police about this scheme then click HAWK 


The War Memorial gets a make over 

Much need refurbishment of the war memorial in the village has now been completed and the work included dismantling the inner and outer walls and having them rebuilt, replacing the entrance gate, painting the decorative chains, refurbishing the wooden bench and a fresh layer of tarmac around the plinth. It now looks splendid once again and well worth a visit. 



The new Local Plan update 

Craven District Council are putting together a new updated Local Plan, which will determine house numbers and locations across the whole of the Craven District and you can follow its progress by clicking HERE .


Parish Council appoints a new clerk. 

 A new clerk has been appointed, as of the 1st of August 2014, to assist the Parish Council in carrying out its duties.

Mr Andrew Mallinson has been a Bradford District Councillor for 14 years and a parish clerk at Cowling Parish Council for over 5 years so has a wealth of experience of local government. At one time Andrew lived in the village with his family, but now lives in Silsden. "I look forward to working with the Parish Councillors to help them deliver the vision that they have for the village and assisting local residents in creating new ideas and projects that will shape the village for the future."


 Chairman’s report 2013 – 2014

The Parish Council charged residents £13,663 for the year just ended, which is £597, or 4.2%, less than the previous year. For the first time, there was a Government subsidy of £896.

For the year ahead, 2014 – 2015, the precept is £14,700 but, because there are more properties now included in the parish, the amount payable for each household has gone down.

Last year, the average Band D property paid £61.50 a year. For 2014-2015, this has been reduced to £58.55. This is almost 4.8% less than last year. 

In comparison, residents in Ingleton will pay £97.52, Long Preston £87.38, Bentham £85.58, Skipton £84.71, Farnhill £63.45, Settle £59.73 and Thornton £58.86.

A copy of the draft accounts for last year and this year is attached. Enquiries about spending and income can be answered in detail if required.

In the year just finished, the major item of spending was on the recreation ground which saw £2,635 on maintenance and £5,460 on improvements, including final payments for the Sports Zone and a storage box for tennis nets. The final tranche of grant received for this project was £3,694.

The further work needed to cure repeated flooding cost £420 and appears to have resolved the problem.

The play equipment has been inspected and parts of it are reaching the end of their normal serviceable life. In the year ahead, decisions will be taken about replacing some of the equipment.

A new oak sapling and protective fencing has been planted after the disappearance of the Jubilee oak.

A long-term plan to revitalise parts of the recreation ground and the war memorial has been prepared and the first stages have begun. A professional survey has been commissioned to look at the state of the trees and shrubs and make recommendations. Laurel bushes surrounding the war memorial have been removed.

The cost of replacing five street lights in the previous year, £3,762, appears in the accounts this year because of late receipt of the invoice. Negotiations are underway to find a cheaper electricity supplier; the electricity bill was £2,878.

The village map has been redrawn after a number of houses had their names changed and three outlying properties were included within the parish boundary for the first time. Copies of the map are available for purchase.

On planning matters, 19 applications were received for comment, 6 of which related to wind turbines. The council is concerned that the village could become surrounded by turbines because of the peculiar topography of the area and has written to the district council to ask it to take this view into consideration when deciding on planning permission. We recommended rejection of 4 turbine applications and 2 redevelopment plans. We supported 2 turbine and 9 redevelopment applications.

The enforceable no waiting zone outside the school has generally been regarded as a success despite some cars using it to drop off and collect children.

Plans for new stone name signs to replace the metal signs at the East and West entrances to the village were ruled out by the highways authority.

High speed fibre-optic broadband is about to become available. The wireless broadband service has not expanded because of access problems to suitable high locations for the transmitters.

A village ‘tidy up’ day took place in October with a small band of volunteers who collected almost 30 sacks of litter.

A new councillor, Neil Wilson, was co-opted following the resignation of Catherine Gott. Our clerk, Esther Barrows, resigned in April so that she could stand for election.

Draft statement of accounts 2013 – 2014

                                                Last year                      This year

                                                2012-13                        2013-14

                                                     £                                 £     

Balances brought forward         22,933                          20,830

+ annual precept                        7,130                          14,559

+ total other receipts                  5,841                           4,188

-  staff costs                               2,319                           2,491 

- total other payments              12,755                          18,579 

= balances carried forward        20,830                          18,507

Stephen Cohen

May 22, 2014


 The red telephone box has been bought from BT and is now owned by the village. It cost £1 and comes with free electricity from BT provided we keep the lightbulb at 8 watts! If you have any ideas for its future use, please contact the parish clerk, Esther Barrows. Suggestions already made include a revolving library, miniature art gallery and a toy swap centre (you bring one and take one). A volunteer to build shelving would be appreciated.
The council has commissioned a professional survey of the trees in the recreation ground. Six trees are recommended for removal on safety grounds and a few more could also be removed to open up the entrance area to make it more attractive. Taking out the laurels surrounding the war memorial is another option under consideration. We will be meeting Craven district council’s tree officer to discuss the proposals.
A new village map has been finalised with revised house names and new drawings of local plants and wildlife. It will go to the printers in the next few days. Smaller copies will be available for purchase.
A village tidy-up is planned for Saturday, October 19 with free tea and sandwiches at lunchtime. Join in at the village hall from 10.00 am. We provide the bin bags and litter pickers.


 TENDERS FOR WORK 2013 - 2014The Parish Council is seeking tenders for work to be carried out for the next 12 months.
Scale of work:
1.Maintenance of recreation ground, football pitch, play areas, woodlands and beck. Work will include general gardening duties such as grass cutting, leaf sweeping, hedge trimming, weeding and pruning, litter removal and general oversight of the grounds including maintenance of the drains. In summer the workload is expected to be 4 hours a week; in winter 2 hours a month. 2.General village maintenance and ‘odd-job’ work, including footpath and gutter cleaning; installation, painting and repair of seating, notice boards, fences, bridges, walls and other council property in the recreation ground and other areas.Please contact the Clerk before April 1st with details of hourly rates for either or both of the two contracts.
Village Map
March 2013:The village map is being revised. there a number of changes since it was produced in 2007 and these will be incorporated into the new version.
If you have changed the name of your property, had a new property built or are planning any changes, please let the Parish Council know as soon as possible, and no later then April 1st, 2013.
The map is constantly used by delivery drivers and utility companies. Copies are provided to Fire, Police and Ambulance services so that they can find houses quickly in the event of an emergency.
We are hoping to produce a smaller version of the map which residents may purchase if they wish.
To report any changes, please contact the clerk on 01535 636776,or email her on:

Register now for high speed broadband
20 customers needed, then work begins!

November 8, 2012

Well, it is here! The radio tests carried out by the engineers from LN Communications were
successful and they are now ready to extend their network to Lothersdale. They will do so by picking up the signal from Bradley at Upper Leys Farm on the Cross Hills Road and 'bouncing' this signal over to my house which is at the top of The Brow from where it will be broadcast over the Lothersdale valley. This will be Phase One of the new network. From my house, I have fairly extensive views around the area. I can see as far as Skipton Old Road at the western end of the village, the main part of the village from Brook Terrace towards The Fold, properties on White Hill Lane, Woodhead and the top of Sidegate. In short, if you can see my roof top from your roof top, you will be able to get a satisfactory signal.

However, LN Communications do not want to commit to extending their network and then find that all the interest that has been shown so far suddenly dries up. Of all the people who will be able to receive the initial signal available in Phase One, they want twenty people to sign up and commit themselves to taking the service as soon as it is available.

You can find details of the packages on offer at:

Please bear in mind that in addition to receiving broadband, you can also use this firm for your telecommunications, which will come over the broadband network. The cost of the basic service is £5.00 per month, plus calls at a cheaper rate than BT. This service will accept emergency calls. If you want a package, you can have anytime calls to land line numbers for a further £5.00 per month. So for £22.99 per month, you can have broadband which will enable you to watch high definition TV plus unlimited landline calls, all for little more than the £15 per month that BT charge merely for line rental.

For those who have a problem with a mobile signal around the house, Vodafone have a Sure Signal service which comes down the broadband network and will provide a full 'five bars' on your mobile phone, even in your cellar.

If you want to sign up and commit yourself to the first phase, please get in touch with me with the following details:

Post Code
Telephone Number

You will then be contacted by LN Communications and you can discuss your requirements with them. Once they have twenty committed customers, they will send their engineers over who will extend their network and also install the receivers to enable the new customers to receive the signal, all at the same time. They would like to do this as soon as possible,before the serious winter weather sets in, as they do not want their engineers scrambling about on roof tops in the snow and ice.

So, it is crunch time for the village and the surrounding area. BT have just published their roll out plan for North Yorkshire and although Carleton is included in it, Lothersdale is not. LN Communications are committed to providing the service, but before doing so, they want some
commitment from ourselves. As a community, we either grasp this opportunity now, or remain in the dark ages for the foreseeable future. If we do grasp this opportunity, we will have high speed broadband cheaper than our neighbours in Carleton. It will also put us in front of vast swathes of the rest of the UK population.

So please let me know if you are definitely interested in proceeding and if you know of friends and neighbours who might be interested, please ask them to get in touch with me also.

As always, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Graham Wadsworth

Higher Stone Gappe
BD20 8EE

Tel 01535 636998
Graham Wadsworth
Lothersdale Digital Champion


1. A poll for the election of POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER for the NORTH YORKSHIRE POLICE AREA will be held on THURSDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2012, between the hours of 7am and 10pm.
2. The number of persons to be elected is ONE.
3. The full names, places of residence, and description of the Candidates remaining validly nominated are as set out below:
Julia Rosemary Mulligan Acres Barn The Conservative Party Candidate
Clogger Lane
BD23 3BN

Ruth Elizabeth Potter 18 Chaucer Street Labour Party Candidate
YO10 3EH
All residents registered to vote should have received their ballot paper and/or poll card. The deadline for new applications to be received by the Electoral Registration Officer for your Council area, to vote by proxy on grounds of medical emergency is not later than 5pm on Thursday 15th November 2012.
Lothersdale Village Hall will be open for voting, but for a full list of the situation of polling stations,click here:
polling stations
Environmental health update: summer newsletter
The Parish Council has started to receive an environmental health newsletter which residents may find interesting. It gives basic information about what festivals took place over the summer, and how areas of environmental health play a key role in outdoor festivals. To see a copy of what the clerk received, click here for page 1: Environmental Health update 1, and here for page 2: Environmental Health update 2
or email:
High Speed Broadband
25 October 2012

Today, LN Communications carried out a radio survey of the area and the initial reaction of their engineers was that there will be no problem in getting a broadband signal into the village.
It will be necessary for paperwork to be signed and completed by the owners of the properties hosting the initial transmitters and once that has been done, their engineers can return to install them.
Once they are in place, it may be appropriate to hold a meeting in the village hall with a representative from LN Communications in attendance and he can explain in detail the package that they have on offer and it will also give everyone an opportunity to raise any questions that they might have.
Graham Wadsworth
Lothersdale Digital Champion
01535 636998

Section 14 of the Audit Commission Act 1998
Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI2011/817)
1. The audit accounts for the Council Meeting for the year ended 31st March 2012 have been concluded.
2 The Annual Return is available for inspection by any local government elector of the area on application to:
Esther Barrows. 8 Rook Street, Lothersdale. Near Skipton. North Yorkshire. BD20 8EH
T: 01535 636776, Email:
Hard copies will be provided to any local government elector on payment of £2.00 for each copy of the Annual Return. Contact the clerk to arrange for your copy.
Alternatively, pages 1-3 are available through these links: Annual Return 1,Annual Return 2, Annual Return 3, for a period of 14 days from 8.11.12
Announcement made by: Esther Barrows (Parish Clerk)
Date of announcement: 8.11.12

Short notice announcement: Wind Turbine Meeting
To be held on Sunday 21st October - 2.30pm
Location: Gruntland Hall. Sandyforth lane, Cowling
For those residents who are concerned over the number of wind turbine applications being approved within the areas of Cowling, Lothersdale and Laneshawe Bridge, a meeting is being held by local residents to discuss this subject.
The meeting is open to members of the public.
If anyone needs further information please contact Liz Goodison via telephone: 01535 637111, or email:
For details of Turbine applications within these areas, please see the attached fact sheet: Wind Turbine Fact Sheet.
The Craven District Council Budget Consultation 2013/14
What do you think about how the Council spends its money? Would you like to tell them how you think they could spend it better?
Let the council know your views for the 2013/14 budget!
Craven District Council is in the process of setting its revenue budget for 2013/14. The budget consultation sets out some key issues for Craven residents to think about and they are inviting you to get involved.
The Council's 2013/14 budget will be approved by the Council's Policy Committee on 12th February, and by the Full Council on 20th February when it will be published. The public consultation will end on Friday 26th October so please respond by this date.
To tell the council what you think, you can:
A) Complete the budget survey online: Go to, then go to Have Your Say, then Current Consultations.
B) Write with general comments to: Craven District Council (Budget Survey), FREEPOST (RRRX-FRJG-EABL), Council Offices. 1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road. Skipton. BD23 1FJ
C) Email comments
To find out how the council explains its budget (where the council gets its funding from and why they need to make more savings) go to /Core/Lothersdale-PC/UserFiles/Files/What_the_Council_Spends_Summary_3_9_12.pdf
Copies of 'Explaining the Councils Budget' can be found through the link above or on the village noticeboards, Copies of the 'Budget Survey' can be found through the link above or on the village noticeboards.
Esther Barrows


High Speed BroadbandSeptember 24, 2012

On 24 September, I once more spoke to Phillip Beadnall of LN Communication. At the moment, the company are putting the finishing touches to the new installation at West Marton and once this has been completed, they will be ready to turn their attention to Lothersdale. The initial step will be to carry out a radio survey and they hope that they will be able to make a start on on this during the second week of October.

I will keep you posted of developments. In the meantime, I would once more urge everyone not to sign up to a new broadband contract or to renew or extend an existing one.

Graham Wadsworth
Lothersdale Digital Champion

01535 636998


Latest broadband good news
July 30, 2012 On Wednesday 25 July, I had a meeting with Philip Beadnall who is the Commercial Director of LN Communications Ltd. This is the company that is already supplying high speed broadband to the village of Bradley through strategically located transmitters, which work in a similar way to mobile phone transmitters. He indicated the willingness of the company to bring high speed broadband to Lothersdale before the end of the year. The initial problem is how to get the signal from Bradley to Lothersdale and then where to site transmitters, in and around the village, in order to get a signal to everyone in the locality. At the moment, I am having ongoing discussions with Phil about this matter and he hopes to return shortly with his surveyor to firm up some definite plans for how this can best be achieved. Once this has been done, he will organise the installation of the necessary transmitters.

In view of the fact that it appears that high speed broadband will shortly be available, I would recommend that everyone does not renew or extend existing contracts with broadband suppliers. In addition, if anyone has not already done so, please register your interest at will help to ensure that Lothersdale remains the first priority for extending the existing network.
If you can let me know that you have done so by emailing
it will enable me to keep a tally of total numbers registered.
I will post a further article when I have more news. In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like further information, I can be contacted on the above email or on 01535 636998.
Graham Wadsworth
Lothersdale Digital Champion

Latest broadband news

July 17, 2012

90% of county premises to have fibre broadband access by 2014
North Yorkshire has announced that it is to be the first county in the country to deploy Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funds. This will give 90 per cent of county premises access to fibre broadband by the end of 2014 and will take total investment in North Yorkshire fibre broadband to about £70m.

The county council has signed a contract with BT that will help to take the total amount invested in North Yorkshire fibre broadband to around £70 million[1]. BT has committed around £23 million to date on fibre broadband in the county.
The project, which will commence with immediate effect, will build on BT's commercial investment so that 90 per cent of North Yorkshire homes and businesses - some 365,000 premises - will have access to world class broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps[2] by the end of 2014. Ultra-fast broadband speeds of up to 330Mbps will also be deployed in certain areas and made available 'on demand' throughout the entire fibre footprint should North Yorkshire businesses want to upgrade to even faster speeds[3].
The remaining 10 per cent of premises will also see a speed uplift as the project aims to deliver 2Mbps or more by the end of 2014 to all homes and businesses. BT will also look to work with communities in the final 10 per cent to see if fibre can be extended further through innovative collaborative projects.
North Yorkshire is one of the most rural counties in England and so the project will transform broadband speeds across the county. The county's average downstream speed is currently 6.6Mbps whilst 17 per cent of premises receive less than 2Mbps[4].
BT has been chosen following an extensive and thorough selection process. The company is contributing £10 million towards fibre deployment in "non-commercial" areas whilst the county is using its £17.8 million share of BDUK funds. The remaining £8.6 million is coming from the European Regional Development Fund.
BT has already committed around £23 million on deploying fibre broadband in the county. This forms part of its £2.5 billion overall commercial investment in UK fibre broadband. Further phases of this commercial deployment are due to be announced which will see the company invest a further £11 million in the county.
The additional investment will boost the local economy and help to create or protect local jobs. It will be of particular benefit to local businesses which can use the faster speeds to improve their competitiveness both within the UK and abroad.
BT's network will be open to all communications providers on an equal wholesale basis and so North Yorkshire consumers and businesses will benefit from a highly competitive market. This was an important stipulation in the tender process.
County Councillor Carl Les, the Deputy Leader of North Yorkshire County Council and Chairman of the Connecting North Yorkshire project said: "North Yorkshire is a large rural county with many remote premises. As a result, deploying broadband is a particular challenge.
"We believe the technology is vital to our economic future however and so we are delighted to have signed this agreement. The project will help local businesses to be competitive and ensure they remain in the county. It can also play an important role in attracting even more firms to the county thereby helping to create jobs for local people."
The Government's Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey, said: "Superfast broadband is transforming the way we do business and live our lives. We want to make sure that no community is left behind, which is why Government is investing £17.8 million to help revolutionise the infrastructure in North Yorkshire.
"I'm delighted that North Yorkshire has unlocked further funding and is ready to start rolling out fibre broadband. It's an ambitious project which will bring huge benefits to homes and businesses across the county."
Bill Murphy, Managing Director, Next Generation Access, BT, added: "It is fantastic to see North Yorkshire be the first BDUK pilot to cross the finishing line. The race to provide the UK with the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015 is still very much on, and we're looking forward to working with other local authorities and regions to bring the economic benefits of high speed broadband to businesses and communities everywhere."
Fibre to the Cabinet will be the main technology deployed. This delivers wholesale downstream speeds of up to 80Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 20Mbps. Fibre to the Premise technology - delivering ultra-fast wholesale speeds of up to 330Mbps - will also be deployed in certain areas and will be available on demand throughout the whole of the fibre footprint.
For local businesses, the fibre network will underpin the introduction of many new services and applications. Big business applications driven by cloud services and data centres will be within the reach of enterprises of all sizes. Computer back up, storage and processing will be faster, and the use of high quality videoconferencing within firms and between them and their customers will become a viable possibility.
Users will be able to run multiple bandwidth-hungry applications at the same time and send and receive large amounts of data much more quickly and efficiently. New fibre services are also set to transform the way consumers use the internet, from the simple sharing of pictures and video to enjoying the growing boom in entertainment services available on-line.
Rural Affairs Minister, Richard Benyon commented: "This is exciting news for everyone who lives and works in North Yorkshire. Superfast broadband will open the doors to countless business opportunities in the county, boosting the rural economy and supporting thriving local communities."
Julian Smith, the MP for Skipton and Ripon, led the Westminster campaign to win pilot status and Government investment and is organising the second Broadband North Yorkshire Conference on 29 September 2012 at Fountains Abbey near Ripon. He said: "This announcement is the modern day equivalent of the coming of the railways or the introduction of canals.
"The award of this contract marks an exciting moment in the development of high quality, high speed broadband across North Yorkshire. North Yorkshire and York Members of Parliament came together 18 months ago to support the bid for Government money to improve internet connections because, for too long, homes and businesses in this county have lagged behind more urban areas in the digital revolution.
"Over the next months and years, we will be working with North Yorkshire County Council and BT to ensure as many families and businesses as possible get connected to high speeds."
Barry Dodd, Chairman of the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership, commented: "This is great news for businesses in North Yorkshire as broadband is an enabling technology that will benefit almost everyone. The LEP's role is to help our business community make the most of this fantastic opportunity."



 High Speed Broadband
June 1, 2012

If you haven’t already done so, please register your demand for better broadband at:
Almost 60 residents have signed up already and Graham Wadsworth, our 'digital champion' is hoping to get to 100 as soon as possible. You can contact him at


Chairman’s report 2011 – 2012May 25, 2012
The average home in the village will pay just £1.25 a year more in council tax to fund the parish council’s activities for the year ahead. A band D property will pay £60.16. In comparison, residents in Ingleton will pay on average £88.92, Bentham £79.24, Skipton £76.28 and Sutton £63.08.
The precept will raise £14,260 for Lothersdale and is a 2.14% increase on the previous year.

In the year just finished, the major item of spending was on the replacement tennis court which is now called Lothersdale Sports Zone, after a competition organised by the primary school. £42,000 was spent on the project and it was fully funded and supported by grants from Community Spaces, Groundwork and the Big Lottery Fund.
The Sports Zone is a multi-use games area and has been guided to completion by the Village Social Club with Gerry Foster, Helen Ball and Amanda Taylor as the leading members. The council’s sincere thanks are offered to all of those who took part in the work.
Although the recent extremely severe cloud-burst has caused some damage to the newly-installed drain (as well as flooding several houses in the village) repairs are in hand and it is hoped the Sports Zone will become a much-enjoyed feature of the recreation ground.
Plans have also been made to repair, restore and, if necessary, replace the playground equipment which is now becoming ‘tired’ in appearance. Its safety is still uppermost in the council’s mind and there has been the usual annual inspection which revealed no major issues of concern. There was a disappointing incident of vandalism to one piece of equipment where several wooden steps were deliberately ripped off. An insurance claim was made to cover the £637 cost of repair, but the council still had to pay the first £250 ‘excess’. A police report was made and information on the perpetrators is still being sought.
The village Under-5s Group held a fund-raising event for new play equipment which brought in a welcome £150.
A new bench has been placed in the Millennium Walk with a plaque to commemorate Mike Gover, former chairman of the council. It was funded by a donation.
A phased replacement of some of the village’s street lights has begun after a report from North Yorkshire County Council revealed that two of the concrete columns were cracked and three of the wooden pole-mounted lamps needed new lanterns and wiring. The total work is estimated at £3,900. One concrete lamp, next to Johnny’s Croft, has been replaced already and money has been set aside for the remainder in the current year’s budget.
Negotiations began with NYCC to see if they would take over responsibility for the street lighting. Last year, the parish paid £4,100 for maintenance and power. If the county takes over the lighting, then there could be a correspondingly big saving in the parish precept. It would, however, involve a large capital outlay of £39,000 from the parish to bring the village lights up to modern standards before the county would accept them.
A further payment of £250 was made to pay off the accumulated debt of previous years when street lighting electricity costs had not been paid.
An issue of wide-spread interest in the village was the sale, by auction, of Johnny’s Croft next to the village hall. Following approval given at a public meeting, the council submitted a bid for the land along with the village hall trustees and the owner of a property adjacent to the croft. The bid was not high enough and the land has been sold to a private buyer.
A number of residents contacted the council after alterations were made in the Mill Yard which restricted access for delivery vehicles and the refuse collection van. The district council sent inspectors who reported that the alterations did not breach any planning guidelines and alternative arrangements were made by the cleansing department to collect and return wheelie bins. The fire service was contacted and they reported that although a fire engine might not be able to pass through the obstruction, they would still be able to get hoses to a property.
An initiative from NYCC on high speed broadband is being followed up and Graham Wadsworth has become the village’s ‘digital champion’. If you have not already done so, you are requested to enrol on the county council’s website to record your interest in the scheme. We hope to be able to persuade LN Communications to expand their wireless broadband service in Bradley and Cononley so that it covers our parish. So far, 70 people have signed up. Bradley residents are enjoying speeds of up to 25Mbps (about 10 times faster than in Lothersdale) for about the same price that BT charges.
A complaint made against Cllr Catherine Gott was considered by the District Council’s standards’ committee which ruled unanimously that, although there was a technical breach of the code of conduct, there was no need to impose any sanction. The committee also bore in mind and encouraged the informal nature of the proceedings of the parish council.
The police speed radar gun which the parish contributed towards was not used during last year. However, it has been used this year and a number of drivers were cautioned for speeding through the village. We have been given an assurance that the speed gun can now be used on a weekly basis if required.
Our new clerk, Esther Barrows, was employed in November, 2011 and has quickly settled into the role. She is performing her duties in an excellent way and the council is fortunate to have her services.
On planning issues, the parish approved an application from the Hare and Hounds for change of use of the end of the building into a cottage, but the district council turned it down. A further application to turn it into a holiday letting cottage was accepted by both councils.
An application for a new building in the Fold was objected to by the parish on the grounds that it was in the wrong position. The application was later withdrawn.
Conversion of the former Methodist Chapel into two homes was approved by the parish but rejected by the district council.
A café and shop at the foot of Sidegate Lane was rejected by both councils.
Objections were also made to two applications for wind turbines on land outside the parish but visible from within it. The outcome of these plans is still awaited.
Approval was given and granted to applications for alterations to Highfold Cottage and the entrance to the primary school.
Stephen Cohen
Parish Plan and Action Plan
May – July 2012
Parish PlanAction Plan
The Lothersdale Parish Plan exercise began in 2003 when the Parish Council agreed to set up a small working group of Councillors, who with the Clerk, investigated how to consult the community about local services and needs.The Government wanted local communities to take more control of their own lives, to say what they wanted doing in their own neighbourhoods and to engage with other powers to get it done.
Parish Plans were comprehensive in scope, setting out a vision for how the community wanted to develop, and they identified the action needed to achieve it. A clear action plan would increase the village’s chances of getting support from the local district and county councils to enhance the parish’s economic, social and environmental well-being.
The comments collected and the replies to the questionnaires were then analysed and a draft Parish Plan and Action Plan was produced in November 2004.
Although Parish Plans identified ideas for change and aspirations of local residents, they were not legal documents. 2012 sees a new system coming into place, with residents being given another opportunity to comment on their needs and desires for the village where they live. If the village chooses to produce a new Neighborhood Plan, it will form a legally binding document that, although following certain standards, must be considered by your local council.
As a starting point, Lothersdale Parish Council is attaching the original Parish Plan and Action Plan (see above) for residents to look at and comment upon: Some of the original suggestions have been amended or removed as they are no longer relevant. However, whether it be to agree, disagree, amend or add, all comments are valued by the council.
Please submit all comments by July 11th to the clerk Esther Barrows
Telephone: 01535 636776
A: 8 Rook Street, Lothersdale
High Speed Broadband (2)
March 21, 2012Plans are underway to bring high speed broadband (a minimum of 2Mbps download speed) to all of North Yorkshire within the next five years. The county council says it is planning a project with £30m of funding to bring high speed internet to the slow spots and 'not spots' by 2017.
I went to a meeting with county and district council officials to find out exactly what this will mean to Lothersdale residents.

Because large commercial companies like BT are not interested in bringing fibre-optic cable services into remote areas (it costs too much and they will not make a profit), public funding is needed to persuade smaller internet suppliers that there could be a viable business for them in villages like ours. This has happened in Bradley where the capital costs of setting up a wireless broadband service were paid by the county. Speeds of 20Mbps are now being enjoyed by people there at a cost of about £24 a month. Cheaper monthly fees are available for a slower service.

The county has also invested in its own internet network which links schools, libraries, council offices, gp surgeries and so on. In our village there is a fibre-optic cable which runs from the telephone exchange in Crosshills directly to the primary school. By September of this year, the county will have developed plans to use this network to bring what they call 'high-quality' broadband to 100% of North Yorkshire with completion of the scheme by 2017.

Lothersdale residents can help secure a priority position for the village by registering their interest on a simple form on the county's website Click on the 'register your interest' button and you will be taken to the form and a speed checker which will tell you exactly what download and upload speeds you are receiving.
The more people complete this information, the more evidence will be supplied to support our case for improvements.
In addition, the county is looking for a so-called 'Digital Champion' who can help co-ordinate information and act as a link between residents and the council. If anyone is interested in filling this position, please let me know. I understand that there is not a lot of work involved.
The last response from LN Communications, the company which built the Bradley system, was in October last year. They said they needed a suitable property with a line of sight down the dale into Bradley, Carleton or Cononley. A 'repeater' receiver and transmitter would be fitted to this property and would then send the signal into our village. If you know of anyone who owns a potential building, please get in touch.

Stephen Cohen

New Heating Oil Club
February 2012
The Oil Club has recently formed the Lothersdale and Cononley Heating Oil Club
If anybody is interested in joining the club to buy bulk heating oil, please follow the link below :
High Speed Broadband
October 25, 2011
The company which is installing hi-speed broadband locally has announced that it has the network in Bradley up and running and will have the Carleton extension completed within the next 6 weeks.

They have been conducting radio tests around Cononley with some positive results. Next they will be looking at Lothersdale and trying to work out how to get the feed down into our dale. This will mean finding a repeater point somewhere that can see both Bradley or Carleton as well as Lothersdale. At this point they will probably need the assistance of the Parish Council and they will discuss the matter further with us at that time.

September 18, 2011
Extraordinary Meeting of Parish Council
Members of the Public are invited to attend an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 22nd September 2011, at 7.30 in the Village Hall.The one and only item on the agenda will be:-
Johnny’s Croft.
To give a resume of the history of the Council's interest in, and involvement with other parties over the land.
To consider the revised information received from the estate agent, and the guide price and to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase.
The Council has in the past indicated an interest in being a part purchaser of the property, and if approved, to consider the means of funding the purchase.



 Digital Switchover
May 17, 2011

A message from the Craven Community Safety Partnership:
The Digital Television switchover takes place in the Yorkshire TV region in August / September this year.
To prevent elderly and vulnerable people being targeted by conmen to buy unnecessary TVs, equipment and aerials, or to use the switchover to gain entry to their homes, Digital UK is issuing the following advice:

No-one needs to buy a new TV. All TVs can be converted with a digital box.No-one will call unless you make an appointment.Most aerials will work perfectly well after the switchover. If viewers are getting a clear picture with no interference now they do not need a new aerial, and there is no such thing as a “digital” aerial. Some viewers may need a “wideband” aerial to receive all the available channels.The best advice about aerials is to wait and see what you get after switchover. If you do get an aerial engineer to call, make sure they are a member of the Register of Digital Installers ( or a member of the CAI Plus Scheme (Confederation of Aerial Industries ( not buy equipment from cold callers.
More information is available on or phone 08456 50 50 50



May 12, 2011
This year an average band D home in the village will pay just under £59 for parish council activities. (£4 more than in Thornton in Craven and £3 less than in Sutton). We plan to spend £13,295 this year and also transfer £2,000 to our reserves which have been badly depleted by the previous council. Although the reserves look healthy, with a balance of £11,500 at the end of the financial year, it’s only when you look a little deeper that you realise that £2,500 of that is money that was received a year ago as the proceeds of the Millennium Fund (and it took a long time to track down where it had been kept). That cash is ring-fenced and cannot be spent on general council activities such as paying for street lights.
An example of the spending that had to be paid for last year was the expensive and un-necessary drainage work that was carried out in a privately-owned field next to the recreation ground. Subsequent investigations in the last few weeks have revealed that the cause of the flooding of the tennis court is a broken water pipe leading to the Chapel. We are now seeking advice on how to get the pipe repaired and how to get someone else to pay for it.
The previous council borrowed £3,000 from the Parish Trust to pay for the printing of the Lothersdale Book of Walks. Sales of the books have proved to be very poor; just over £1,000 has been received. The Parish Trust has asked for the loan to be repaid and this has taken place.
Major pruning was carried out to trees in the recreation ground at a cost of £2,056.
Previously unpaid bills for street lighting are being paid off at a rate of £250 a year for the next 3 years.
An example of the new financial stringency that the new council is following includes the replacement of our insurers at a saving of £300 a year in the premium and the full cost invoicing of the school for cutting the grass on the football field.
Planning applications
Very few applications were received last year. The principal ones were:
Conversion of part of the Pub to a cottage: rejectedNew house at the Fold: withdrawnWind Turbine at Lower Dowshaw Farm: Approved by the district council despite objections from the parish councilMulti Use Games Area (MUGA) in the recreation ground: approved Recreation Ground
Replacement of the worn-out tennis court with an all-purpose multi-use games area is to go ahead. Special thanks must be given to the Social Club and its members for organising the grant application - £41,000 has been awarded by the Lottery and this will cover all the costs of the new MUGA and the reimbursement of planning application fees already made by the council.
Unfortunately there has been some serious vandalism of one of the play structures in the park and we are currently processing an insurance claim for its repair.
The council would like to see high speed broadband brought into the village by using the fibre-optic cable that already runs from Crosshills exchange to the school. NYCC and the company promoting a similar scheme in Bradley have responded by requesting details of the likely number of customers that could be achieved. Residents are urged to sign the petition that is currently being circulated.
Mill Yard
There have been complaints from residents that the bin wagon cannot get through the Mill Yard because of obstructions. A complaint has been made to CDC and an enforcement officer is due to make an inspection.
Other items
Car parking outside the school in the morning and afternoon continues to be a problem despite a Police presence last year. The council has come to the conclusion that it cannot see a way to resolve the matter.
Despite efforts to obtain land to use as allotments, the council was unable to proceed.
A new clerk, Mr Ken Beasley, was appointed and he has ensured the smooth running of the council’s affairs and meetings.
Boundary changes in the next 2 years will bring in several new properties to the parish which were previously with Cowling and Glusburn and Sutton.
A council website was launched in December last year and is now the place where agendas, minutes, news and other items can be viewed and downloaded. You can also read the full version of the original Lothersdale Book which has been out of print for many years. Other groups and organisations in the village can add their own pages to the website.
A bouquet of flowers was presented on behalf of all residents to Danielle Brown, the Gold Medal archer at the Commonwealth Games.
Last year the council helped North Yorkshire Police buy a speed gun on the understanding that it could be used in the village. The gun had been purchased but it had never appeared in use. We complained to the police about this and have been promised that it will be brought into the village on a regular basis.
We have asked for new road signs to be placed at the top of Sidegate Lane warning lorry drivers that the road is unsuitable for large vehicles. There have been a number of instances of trucks getting stuck in the lane. NYCC have said they do not have enough money to pay for the signs, so we will look at the cost of doing it ourselves.
The year ahead will see your council focus on the things that matter to the village and we will listen carefully and sympathetically to all the points put to us. I think I can speak on behalf of all the councillors when I say that it is an honour to represent you.
Chair: Stephen Cohen

April 4, 2011
Now that Spring is here and the days are getting longer, why not get the latest edition of the Lothersdale Book of Walks. It has been completely revised and reprinted and is on sale at the Hare and Hounds, Crosshills Post Office and also from the parish clerk.
Additional Broadband Information
March 30, 2011
High speed broadband could soon be available in the village. Trials are taking place at the moment in Bradley using a wireless distribution system which could be extended to Lothersdale. Bradley school is the hub from where the signal is sent. The company behind the scheme thinks it might be possible to include Lothersdale in the network.
Speeds of up to 20Mb could be achieved.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, please send an email to the parish clerk at
February 17, 2011
Plastic dog waste bags are now on sale again at 50p a packet. Get yours from Beeches Barn, next door to the Hare and Hounds Pub.